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About Us

In order to lead a life centered on the principles Jodie valued, we must remember the things that were most important to her. Family and friends meant the world to Jodie. She possessed all of the characteristics one needs to live a life of caring, compassion, loyalty and kindness. We hope to honor her life through the generosity of all that knew her by making life a little better for those less fortunate.

Butterflies had major significance to Jodie. They represented life, love and eternity, so we call our contributions to the various charities “Butterflies From Jodie.” We will try to incorporate all aspects of her life as we determine where the gifts will provide the greatest service.

the Executive Board


Amy Torigian Parise



Gary Torigian



Vin Parise


Board of Directors

Bill Aiello

Ginny Bradley

Meredith Buono-DaGrossa

Amy Cassidy

Jennifer Celata

Jack Cole

Liz Cole

Robert Corvino

Jim Cowan

Mary Ellen Cowan

Jill Cuddire

Dan Grubert

Linda Gundelach

Peggy Kiernan

Jillian Lavigne

Chad Lizzo

Mickey Melillo

Shae Morris

James O’Toole

Lawrence O’Toole

Vin Parise

Nancy Perdew

Rich Perdew

Cassie Pisano

Kenny “Skippy” Schena

Gerri-Anne Vedovino

Jeannine Zaccagnino